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Creative Dreams Outreach Center, Inc. is a 501 (C) non-profit organisation and tax deductible donations are gratefully accepted.

Items Needed

  • Boys gently used and new clothes
  • Tri-fold paper towels
  • Individual boxes of powdered drink mix
  • Hygiene Products: Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, body wash, shampoo, conditioner,
  • Kitchen items: Kitchen size trash bags,  floor cleaner (Fabulosa), Clorox spray cleaner with bleach, stainless steel cleaner/polish, mirror cleaner, hand sanitizer.
  • Lawn and leaf trash bags
  • Office items: HP 950 & 951 ink cartridges, scotch tape dispensers
  • Clothes for the Dream Closet Gently used or new. Size Children’s Large to Adult X-large.
  • Hygiene Products Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant.If you choose to purchase the item and bring it to the dedication, please email us at and let us know of your gift, so we can avoid duplicate purchases. If you would like to donate clothing or hygiene products, they can be delivered to our new facility any time after 3:00 Monday through Friday . Thank you so much for supporting our mission.

Donate Now

Service Opportunities

1. Prayer Team
We believe that God dwells in the midst of prayer and praise. We would love to have a prayer warrior lead a team specifically for Creative Dreams so there is always a fresh anointing and the powerful presence of God whenever our students walk through our doors. Be a leader or team member today!

⦁ Creative Dreams Lead Prayer-Warrior
⦁ Creative Dreams Prayer-Warrior
Commitment Type:
⦁ One (1) weekly prayer gathering

2. Fuel The Future
Each day we are happy to provide a five course meal for our students and volunteers which includes salad, fruit, bread, main course and dessert. Feed our growing future leaders by bringing one item, sponsoring an entire meal or even just bringing the utensils. Everything counts!

⦁ Fuel The Future Member
Commitment Type:
⦁ One (1) item a week OR a month (i.e., salad, fruit, dessert, etc.)
⦁ One (1) sponsored meal a week OR a month (bring all items for the full meal, be the commander of the kitchen to cook and serve what you wish or just bring the meal).
⦁ Bring any utensils of your choosing once a month (forks, spoons, bowls, napkins, etc.)

*3. Dream Closet
Our students don’t always have the clothes they need, so it is super exciting to have the Dream Closet – our own little thrift store! We would appreciate the help to organize, collect and distribute donations from our dream closet.

4. Dream Repairs
With a center full of energetic students, well, things break. If you are or know a handy-man/woman, we’d love to have you fix and/or assemble new items to keep our programs and dreams running strong!

⦁ Dream Repair Member
Commitment Type:
⦁ Once (1) a month come by to fix or assemble anything necessary

5. Fun Friday
The third Friday of the month, we invite our students for pizza and fun. We offer free concerts, special dance classes, performances, game nights, karaoke and more. We would love to have a small group who desires to host a Fun Friday event, volunteer at one or provide the entertainment.

⦁ Fun Friday Partner
Commitment Type:
⦁ Host one (1) entire Fun Friday event (and more if you wish)
⦁ Bring the fun and entertainment for one (1) entire Fun Friday Event
⦁ Facilitate the fun as a volunteer (serve and one or all of them)

6. Sports Night
The first Friday of the month we offer a sports night right at our facility. Our new gym is set up for basketball, volleyball, pickle ball and whatever you can think of. We also have an outdoor basketball court and four-square as well. Be the leader or team member for these energetic events.

⦁ Sports Night Leader
⦁ Sports Night Team Member
Commitment Type:
⦁ Lead or volunteer at each Sports Night

7. Molding Minds
Many of our students struggle with academics. We seek those who can provide tutoring or basic help with middle and high school subject areas (including special school projects, research and technology and computer software navigation). Guide the minds of our students!

⦁ Molding Minds Member
Commitment Type:
⦁ As often as you can Monday-Thursday 3:30 to 5:30

8. Culinary Creations
Cooking is a fun and important skill to have. We allow four students at a time to work with a caring volunteer in the kitchen to learn a cooking or baking skill or recipe. Be a leader for great culinary creations!

⦁ Culinary Creations Leader
Commitment Type:
⦁ As often as you can Monday-Thursday 3:30 to 6:00

9. Labors of Love
First impressions are important, even for a center like ours. We would love to have a volunteer crew to maintain our flowerbeds, grass and landscaping on a regular basis.

⦁ Labors of Love Leader
⦁ Labors of Love Team
Commitment Type:
⦁ Once (1) a month come maintain the outside appearance of Creative Dreams

10. Inner Beauty
At Creative Dreams, we want to be good stewards of the brand new build God has blessed us with. After serving our students through our various weekly programs, we need you (a team or group) willing to come make our new facility consistently clean and beautiful.

⦁ Leader
⦁ Team
Commitment Type:
⦁ One (1) day a week

11. One Less Program
We believe nothing can be more impactful than to have a mentor in, especially when you’re young. Come to Creative Dreams on a weekly basis and build a special relationship with one of our students. You can be the person God uses to change a child’s life forever.

⦁ One Less Mentor
Commitment Type:
⦁ As often as you can Monday-Thursday 3:30 to 8:30

12. Special Projects
Each year we hold a Celebration Fundraiser, a golf tournament and other special events where we need volunteers. The time commitment for each event begins about 12 weeks prior to the event and ends the day after the event.

13. Utility Dream Team
You are the one that wants to do anything and everything and says “I just want to serve!” You are a person who is willing, able and adaptable to fill a need wherever that may be. Serve, grow and experience all there is to do at Creative Dreams.

⦁ Culinary Creations Leader
Commitment Type:
⦁ As often as you can Monday-Thursday 3:30 to 8:30 and any special events you want

Help us as we help the students in our community. Consider a service opportunity. Contact us below for more information.