Commemorative Brick Sale

Buy a Brick to Help Build Better Tomorrows

Dear Friends of Creative Dreams,
Although there have been several delays, we are still trusting God’s timing for the construction of our building. The total cost of our building is $950,000. We have raised almost $250,000 through the generosity of people like you. We have received a grant from the United Way to help with the kitchen appliances and have applied for several other grants. We have also applied for a construction loan through an organization that helps non-profits. Tim and I are committed not only to the ministry of Creative Dreams, but to leaving this legacy for the students we serve today and those Creative Dreams will serve in the future. We believe God wants this building even more than we do.Will you help us show our students that they matter by purchasing a brick?


4” x 8” Red Brick with Text 4”x 8” Red Brick with Clip Art 8” x 8” Red Brick with Text 8” x 8” Red Brick with Clip Art 12” x 12” Red Brick with Text 12”x 8” Red Brick with Clip Art
$100 $150 $200 $250 $500 $550

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